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Mi voluntad

Fulfill your last will


Planning ahead for the funeral service is still taboo for many people. However, it is important to organize and prepare everything concerning this issue, so that when the time comes you can assume it with calm and above all that there is clarity in the fulfillment of the last wishes, such as "my last will".

For this we offer our customers our “Mivoluntad” service, aimed at those who wish to plan their funeral service in advance to avoid economic and logistical complications for their relatives, always counting on the confidence and advice of our staff.


Choosing the type of funeral

We have qualified staff to advise you on hiring this service, where in addition to being able to assume responsibility for funeral services, you can leave a testimony about your last wishes.

Installment payment

Your family will not have to assume debts of your funeral service, but by hiring “Mivoluntad”, you will have time to prepare for that difficult moment and organize everything you need, thus being able to make the payment in life through comfortable installments, avoiding an unplanned debt.


Certified last will and testament

Once you have made the decision to hire this service, you will be given a certificate of last will act, where it will be recorded in detail, what the service implies.

This document will specify the beneficiary's data and will be endorsed together with a witness, who will be responsible for certifying that the guidelines are complied with as agreed with Áltima.


Details you should consider when hiring the service

When hiring the service, the person expresses their voluntary will to be fulfilled at the funeral. So, if for some reason they get ill with no expectation of healing, we will organize the wake acts accordingly.

This document must contain:

  • Type of burial you want to hire.
  • Inclusion or not of flower service and coffins.
  • Transfer to the cemetery.
  • Type of religious ceremony.
  • Choice between burial or cremation.
  • Authorization of the collection service that includes ambulance and payment of specialized personnel.
  • Another provision that the beneficiary expresses in advance at the time.

We help you with all the procedures in life

Prevention is better than regret, and in these cases, it is even more so. So, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask our staff, who will gladly help you with the registration of your last will and testament.

Keep calm and decide for yourself

While it is true that one is never fully prepared for farewell, it is also important to emphasize how timely it is to make clear all those situations that may concern us in the moment when we are no longer on the earthly plane. And it is that these legal procedures are a good way to say goodbye to our loved ones.

A service such as “Mivoluntad” provides a privilege of making your own decisions in life about your last moments with your loved ones.


Solicita más información sobre Mivoluntad

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