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Thank you very much for your confidence in choosing the ÁLTIMA group to inquire about prices of funeral services.

A funeral service is a personalized service that, depending on the needs and desires of family members, can have different compositions, although there are minimum elements that must be contracted for hygienic-sanitary reasons and for legality as well as for the correct management and planning of the whole process.

To speed up your search we provide you with two quotes that may be useful:

funeral service

2.105,07 €VAT included

funeral service
With wake room

2.849 €VAT included

In addition, the Crematorium or Cemetery service must be contracted, according to the current rates in the destination town, and that we will manage and contract for you at the time of the funeral service.


Puede consultar las tarifas vigentes de los servicios y complementos que puede añadir a dichos presupuestos, si así lo desea en el Tanatorio ÁLTIMA de su interés.