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Funeral services

The death of a family member is usually a difficult circumstance that deeply affects a person. However, it is necessary to consider a series of procedures that must be carried out and decisions to be made regarding funeral services.

When choosing a funeral service, it is important to take into account the particular needs of each family. Áltima is a company that provides a high-quality funeral service and counts on experienced and highly qualified staff to provide the best funeral services.


Servicio básico

Basic service

Basic services that are necessary to manage for the control of the funeral service.

  • Collection service: personnel, materials and ambulance
  • Personal organization and attention to the service
  • Death certificates and others
  • Hearse
servicio con ceremonia

Service with ceremony

This service includes the performance of a ceremony in honor of the deceased. 

  • Service with wake included
  • Use of the oratory - ceremony room
  • Reminders (100u)*
  • Corona Decalia Crown or Niza Coffin Cover **
servicio sala y velatorio

Basic service + wake

This service includes the use of a candle room.

  • Basic service included
  • Wake room*
  • Thanatoesthetic
Altima Servicios Funerarios - Cementerio Comarcal Roques Blanques

What are funeral services?

Funeral services are those that are provided from the death of a person until their burial or cremation, including ceremony, candle and, if necessary, subsequent ceremony of remembrance (after 1 year or more of death). There are services that have special characteristics and are provided according to the beliefs, demands, or wishes transmitted by the deceased person in life or by their relatives.

What do we offer you in Áltima?


Áltima is a funeral company that is responsible for providing comprehensive funeral services, funeral homes, crematoria and cemeteries. At Áltima we strive to offer different innovative options adapted to the needs of families.

Our service in Áltima ranges from a basic service to a complete funeral service, always advising families in a transparent and objective way on all the required options and offering all the necessary information about the procedures to be carried out.


Ayuda al duelo

Our funeral fees

To know the rates of our funeral services, in detail and to be able to expand the information about the different services and options offered, we recommend making the request for a quote through the official website, and one of the advisors will contact you so that you know the funeral services in the future.

Additional services


In Áltima we have the basic services when carrying out the funeral honor of a person, but, in addition, we offer a series of additional services that can be adjusted to the demands of each client. Among them we find:

Send flowers

Venta y envío de flores online.

Searching for information on recent deaths

Information on the funeral parlour, wake room and time of the ceremony for different recent deaths.

Catering service

Catering service for the family.


Telling the media about the details of the funeral.

Removing on-line presence

Following death the deceased’s presence on social media has to be removed.


The family may provide the readings they wish to be read at the ceremony.

The day's newspapres in the wake room

The day's newspapers in the wake room.

Collection of glasses for NGOs

You can donate your deceased relative’s glasses so that they can be used by people who need them.

Parking for family members

Parking for family members.


Free Wi-Fi.

Remembrance ceremonies (for anniversaries)

Holding ceremonies in which the deceased is remembered.

Sale and delivery of flowers

Online service for sending flowers which are then delivered to the wake room.

Space for remembrance

Space for remembrance.

Administrative support

Handling all the administrative procedures following the death.

Sending condolence messages

Delivery to the wake room.