frases para coronas funerarias

How to choose messages for funeral wreaths

15 May 2023

Sending flowers is very common when a person dies. Bouquets and funeral wreaths are ideal to give condolences to the relatives of the deceased person and to remember them in an emotional and close way. However, it is not always easy to choose the right words. From Áltima we want to help you with a selection of the best messages for funeral wreaths.

What should be taken into account when choosing phrases for funeral wreaths?

It is important to choose well the messages of the funeral wreaths that we send to the relatives. Therefore, we must take into account several aspects before choosing the message:

- The sentences should be short. Space is limited – it is only written on one side of the tape – so the precision is key. Therefore, we will use a clear, concrete and direct message that carries a meaning for us and for the deceased person or for their relatives.

- The relationship you had to the deceased. Depending on that, the message should be more or less close or more or less informal. There are phrases for funeral wreaths that can be standard and others more personalized.

- Adapt your tone. In funeral wreaths, the phrases for the funeral ribbon can be personal, sober, emotional and even humorous. This will depend on what the deceased person was like or the relationship that united you.

- The signature. In most cases, the dedications for funeral wreaths bear the name of the person or people who send the flowers (your children, your grandchildren, etc.), and that also takes up a space on the tape that you should be aware of.

- The dedication. Remember that, although the wreath will be seen by your family and friends, the text of it should be addressed to the deceased person, because it is a way of remembering and saying goodbye. It is not the same to say 'we will miss your grandfather' than 'we will miss you'.

- Personalized message. There are phrases that we all know and use when giving condolences to someone. But, although they are often recurring words, that does not mean that they do not have an emotional touch. Of course, if we do not want them to sound like ready-made phrases, it is important to personalize the message as much as possible. That's how the signature or some personal memory will show our relationship with the deceased person.

The Best Funeral Wreath Messages

Taking into account all the above, we can say that there are many phrases for funeral flowers and wreaths that can be appropriate, but the context is very important when choosing the right words.

Here we suggest several common situations in which a well-chosen phrase can make a difference:

Phrases for friendship funeral wreaths

When a friend dies, the phrase we will use for their funeral wreath will be close, personal and, surely, with an emotional and relaxed tone, maybe even humorous in some cases. We leave you some ideas of messages for friendship funeral wreaths:

1. "We will miss you in the office."

2. "Your friends will not forget you."

3. "The football matches won't be the same anymore."

4. "Fly high, dear friend."

5. "Always in the hearts of your friends."

6. "We will always remember you. Your school friends."

7. "With love from your teammates. RIP".

8. "Rest in peace, (name of deceased person)."

9. "Eternal rest, friend."

10. "Thinking of you and wishing you moments of peace."

Phrases for funeral wreaths for relatives

For someone who has lost a family member, writing a sentence on their funeral wreath is not easy. In this case, the message is very personal, with special emotional touch and with a tone of closeness that should express how much we knew the deceased person and to what extent we will miss them. Here are several examples of phrases for funeral wreaths for relatives:

1. "I will miss you very much."

2. "Your memory will always be in my heart."

3. "How lucky to have had you as (grandfather, father, etc.)!"

4. "Your children and grandchildren will not forget you."

5. "You will always live in our memory."

6. "I will always carry you in my heart."

7. "I'll miss your stews, grandma."

8. "Your family will always love you."

9. "It's not a goodbye, it's a see you later."

10. "Take care of us from heaven, (grandma, mom, etc.)."

Phrases for couple's funeral wreaths

Perhaps the most difficult words to choose are those with which we say goodbye to the loved one. Saying goodbye to our partner is not easy and, therefore, in Áltima we also want to help you with the messages for couple's funeral wreaths. With them you can express your feelings, show closeness and implication and say goodbye in a loving way to the deceased person:

1. "I will always love you."

2. "Rest in peace, my love."

3. "Impossible to say goodbye to you, love."

4. "How this farewell hurts!"

5. "I will always carry you with me."

6. "How lucky to have met you!"

7. "May the earth be light to you, love."

8. "I will never forget you, my life."

9. "We'll meet again."

10. "I will miss your hugs."

 Lifelong loves, family, friends... Funeral wreaths are a sign of condolences to the loved ones of the deceased person, but they are also a way to express how we feel about that loss. Therefore, these brief messages keep valuable content as they convey the memory that each one has of the deceased person depending on their personal relationship.

When the relationship is less close, you tend to use standard phrases. However, if it is someone important to you, the ideal is to personalize the message so that all the people who knew the deceased feel related to your words.