honrar la memoria de un ser querido

Ways to commemorate the life of a loved one

26 February 2024

When someone passes away, their memory lives on in the minds of those who knew them. Nevertheless, a farewell ceremony facilitates the grieving process and allows the memory to be shared with friends and relatives. Nowadays, since there are many ways to commemorate the life of a loved one, at Áltima we want to show you some examples and provide you with advice on how to plan the memorial service that your loved one deserves.

Types of tributes for a deceased loved one

There are different ways to pay tribute to a deceased loved one. Although the degree of personalisation at such events is increasing, it is also possible to opt for something more traditional, such as a religious ceremony.

Below, we offer different ideas to help you organise a beautiful farewell ceremony for your deceased loved one:

  • Musical accompaniment. A good way to honour the memory of a loved one is to personalise the music that will be played during the wake and funeral. Choosing songs and melodies that they liked can help those present to remember them in a very poignant way.

  • Catering. If your loved one had a favourite type of food that family and friends were familiar with, including it in the catering during their wake is another way to pay tribute to them.

  • Candles. Many people light candles in memory of their loved ones. Some do it in the privacy of their own home or even on significant dates such as birthdays or anniversaries. In certain cultures, white candles are used to symbolise the memory of the deceased. However, you can also use candles of a colour or scent that was special to the deceased to remember them.

  • Remembrance ceremonies. This is one of the most common ways to remember the life of a loved one. Such ceremonies are usually held on the anniversary of their death and serve to bring family and friends together again to preserve their memory.

There are many other ways you can honour the life of a loved one. This may include doing one of their favourite activities, fulfilling one of their dreams, holding a memorial dinner, releasing lanterns into the sky, or taking up an unfinished project of theirs.

How to plan a tribute to a deceased loved one

To honour the memory of a loved one as they deserve, it is important to plan a tribute carefully. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Choose the type of tribute you want to carry out, thinking about the best way to remember your loved one. How would they like to be remembered?

  2. Gather the necessary items to carry out the tribute. Don't forget to personalise the event for it to be truly meaningful and to remember them in the best possible way.

  3. Involve other family members and friends in the organisation of the tribute. Perhaps you could ask them to gather together all the items you will need to carry out your event. Involving others will add even more value to this moment of remembrance.

  4. Choose the most appropriate date and location for the tribute and, if necessary, book in advance to make sure the space is available.

  5. Invite your family and friends. After deciding how intimate you want the event to be, you can then invite friends and family accordingly. Make calls or send messages to confirm attendance, especially if you reserving somewhere with limited seating.

  6. Draw up a programme for the event which contains basic information about how long the tribute will last. You can also include things like readings, music and shared memories, for example.

  7. Prepare a personalised programme handout of the tribute so that all those attending can remember this moving act.

  8. Show gratitude to all those attending as many of the people present will have travelled a considerable distance to join you in this act to honour the memory of your loved one.

Dedications to a loved one

As well as doing specific things to honour their memory, a dedication can also be made to a loved one in which those who knew them can take part. There are different ways to do this:

  • Sending floral arrangements.

  • Signature books for those attending the funeral service.

  • Newspaper obituaries.

  • Readings for ceremonies.

  • Condolence messages.

In all these cases you can personalise the dedication to commemorate the life of a loved one which will help to provide comfort and support for their relatives.

Áltima's recommendations for organising a farewell ceremony to a loved one

When organising an event to honour the memory of a loved one, it is important to keep the following things in mind:

  • Choose the form of tribute that you think your loved one would most enjoy.

  • Personalise every detail to make it as meaningful as possible.

  • Take into account the people attending the event. Think about where they are located, their ages, their customs and beliefs as all of this may influence the decisions you make.

  • Planning is essential so that everything goes as you would like it to. To help with this, it is often best to contact a specialised company, such as Áltima, who will be able to provide assistance so you can honour the memory of your loved one in the best possible way.

This way, you can create a more moving tribute that will serve to remember and honour the life of your loved one.