Recent deaths in Ripoll Cemetery

The Ripoll Cemetery is an historic setting that houses more than 2,300 graves of different types. This space, managed by Áltima, has garden areas to give families the welcoming service they seek when a loved one dies.

Services available in Ripoll Cemetery

At the Ripoll Cemetery, with its modernist and neoclassical aesthetics, we take advantage of the natural environment to provide families with different types of burial sites:

  • Niches. This is a type of wall tomb designed to house a coffin or urn.

  • Pantheons. This is a funerary monument intended for the burial of several loved ones, generally belonging to the same family.

  • Columbariums. For those who decide to cremate, at Ripoll Cemetery we have vertical graves with less space, specifically designed to house the urns containing the ashes of loved ones.

  • Perinatal space. At Áltima we have different spaces dedicated to perinatal, neonatal or gestational bereavement so that families can have a serene place to meet for reflection.

For further information about the funeral services provided at Ripoll Cemetery, please contact our team on 972 702 721.

How to arrive to Ripoll Cemetery

Ripoll Cemetery is located on the Carretera Sant Joan in Girona. It is easily accessible so that families and their relatives can arrive by car if they wish.

It is also well connected by public transport from Girona. You can take the L-28 bus to Vic station and from there take the R3 train line to Ripoll. To get to the cemetery from the train station there is a short walk through the municipality of Ripoll.

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