Carrer Sector del Cementiri, s/n, 17860 Sant Joan de les Abadesses, Girona
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The Sant Joan de les Abadesses Funeral Parlour covers 256 m2 and houses a wake room, a multi-faith oratory, offices for attending to families, and private outdoor gardens with an open-air car park.

Services available in Sant Joan de les Abadesses Funeral Home

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It is more than a mortuary; it is a place that has been created to offer comfort and support during difficult times. The wake room provides an intimate setting for remembering and sharing special moments. The multi-faith oratory reflects our openness and respect for diverse beliefs, providing a space to say goodbye in accordance with individual traditions.

Our care offices are designed with families in mind, offering a place to receive the support needed during these sensitive times. The private outdoor gardens are a haven of peace, providing a serene environment for reflection and connection with nature.

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