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Recent deaths in Sant Pere Molanta Cemetery

The cemetery of Sant Pere Molanta is a parish cemetery managed since 2017

Services available in Sant Pere Molanta Cemetery

The Sant Pere Molanta cemetery is a space that provides services and care for families seeking to honour their loved ones. This peaceful cemetery offers a variety of services:

  • Graves: The cemetery has spaces for individual graves as well as family mausoleums, providing options for different preferences and traditions.

  • Memorial Gardens: There are specially designed memorial garden areas where families can remember their loved ones in a natural and peaceful setting.

  • Memorial Services: Cemetery staff are available to assist in arranging memorial services, providing support at difficult times and ensuring that family traditions are respected.

  • Maintenance and upkeep: Facilities are carefully maintained to ensure a clean and tidy environment. The gardens and pathways are regularly tended to, creating a serene and respectful environment.

  • Advice and Guidance: Cemetery staff are available to provide advice and guidance to families, helping them to make informed decisions about the options available and respecting their individual wishes.

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