We provide families with a national and international transfer and repatriation service

At Áltima we are committed to providing families with the excellent funeral service they are looking for when a loved one dies. It is a comprehensive service which also includes transfers and repatriations of the deceased.

We handle all types of national and international funeral transfers, in a way that always respects the origins, culture and religion of the deceased person and their relatives.

We try to listen to and understand the needs of the families in order to adapt as much as possible to their requests, taking care of all procedures linked with the transfer and repatriation of the deceased.

Áltima will always guarantee a comprehensive transfer service of the deceased, from the moment of death to their final destination, with continuous advice during the process in compliance with the health and funeral regulations in force in each case. As every detail matters, we will take care of everything for the peace of mind of families.

National funeral transfers of the deceased

We provide a comprehensive transfer service of the deceased to another province from anywhere within the national territory. We manage the entire process with our suppliers, including collection of the deceased, transfers to the funeral home or cemetery, and even organising officiants for any type of ceremony.

International funeral transfers of the deceased

We offer a complete service of international funeral transfers from or to any part of the world. We will take care of the repatriation of the deceased in a comprehensive way, including tickets for companions who want to travel with their loved one. Our service includes transfers of the deceased, repatriation of ashes, exhumed remains and even a transfer of belongings.

At Áltima we accompany you at all times

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ritos funerarios

Funeral rites for all cultures

At Altima, we adapt to multicultural and religious funeral customs and rituals. When we transfer the deceased, we take into account all sensitivities as much as possible, in order to respect the wishes of families. It is our priority that you can say goodbye to your loved one in the way you wish.

Traslados nacionales e internacionales de fallecidos

Process of transfer of the deceased and the ashes

Our services for transferring the deceased and the ashes are comprehensive, which means that we take care of not only the transport and the collection, but also all required procedures and paperwork, thus providing families with the additional peace of mind they seek when using our services.

requisitos de traslados

Requirements for the transfer of ashes and bodies

Áltima is a funeral company authorised to transfer the deceased both in national and international territories. We comply with all legal requirements to carry out this process within the necessary frameworks, always taking into account the legislation in force in each case.

Traslado de fallecidos

Repatriation of the deceased, process and requirements

Spanish legislation requires an authorised funeral company such as Áltima to be hired for the transfers of the deceased, both nationally and internationally.

In order to carry out this process to a different country the following documentation must also be provided so that Áltima can begin the process:

  • Identity document of the destination of the deceased.
  • In the case of natural death, a medical death certificate.

If cremation is chosen, included in the requirements for the transfer of ashes, the following documents must be provided:

  • Identity document of the destination of the deceased.
  • Cremation certificate (issued by the funeral home itself)

These documents will be requested at airport security. It is also necessary to take into account all current legislation in order to be able to move the ashes between each destination country. 

We have a team specialised in transfers and repatriations. Keeping up-to-date with all documentation requirements in each country of destination, allows us to facilitate and assist you in all the formalities of the process